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Sam and Josh Can't Go Back to Louisville

So a week after the Wis-Kino Spring Kabaret, the folks down in KinoLouisville were having their Kabaret. As has became tradition for these trips, we make a completely fictional telling of our trip and or it's plans. This, I should mention, is the penultimate Go to Louisville sketch. We will only do one more, and it will be when we return for their Fall Kabaret.

We had plans to come to this screening in costume and insist that we were not Sam and Josh (see the film). We planned to actually have a few lines exchanged in character during parts of the film as well, however, none of these plans worked out due to car troubles. We arrived in Louisville just as they finished up their screening.

Sam and Josh Can't Go Back to Louisville: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)


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