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Republican PSAs

So Sam and I were eating dinner at the Olive Garden (because they had free salad and breadsticks) and shooting ideas at each other. One of them was to make a bunch of faux Republican PSA's where we would show two scenes, one that was something republicans seemed to fear or opress, followed by a more real threat set up with the same setting, angles, characters, etc. Like a slow zoom on the wife worn out from sex in the first one, and a slow zoom on wife in same position, but this time dead from being strangled. Well, that was the attempt at least. This was one that I sort of shat out on my own, so the quality is a bit lacking. The guy in first one wanted his name left off the project and the guy in the second one wanted his PSA left out all together (but his girlfriend told me to put it up anyway). All and all, people don't want to admit association with this one. Strangely, the guys (both straight by the way) in the last one are the only one's not ashamed of this film.

Republican PSAs: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)


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