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This is a short that we did when we went down to Louisville, KY to participate in their KinoLouisville 48-hour Kaberet. The theme was 'Parody' (though 'Phobia' was a close second). We were originally going to do a parody of The Office, but then as we were walking away from the screening it hit Sam like a ton of bricks: a phobia of parody, thus encapsulating both themes. We were able to get a couple great actors from KinoLouisville and some great locations. We then proceeded to have an amazing weekend of filming and Louisville fun. The screenings took place at The Rudyard Kipling and most of the planning took place at The Old Louisville Coffeehouse. Enjoy! This is probably the best work we have done thus far, the tightest editing, and the experience we had, as well as the people we experienced, made it all the more amazing.

Paradaphobia: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)


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