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Sleep Depravity

Fall 2005 Kabaret. The rules were that the film had to be under 5 minutes, and it had to use a theme. Once the theme was announced, we were given 48 hours to make the film. The theme ended up being "Impossible Dream", which led us to make a strange, creepy, surreal dream sequence that went for an incohearent 5 minutes. It features RASH crew, including the long estranged Frank, an original RASH member who has not been involoved with rash for years. We also got on board Jess, who added pretty much all the darker elements of this piece. It was a blast doing the 48 hour Kabaret, and we ended up learning alot during that time frame. We have now learned how to use blue screen effects, which opens up all kind's of doors, FX-wise.

This film involves a rather difficult to follow story involving three distinct dreams that the main character shifts through and starts to mix up. One involving a mixture of milk and wool, one involving a strange man, and the other involving a ninja. Enjoy!

(Note, this project was exceptionally well documented, so you will see a number of special features listed below as well)

Paradaphobia: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)
Out-Take Reel: (MPG Formatted)
Deleted Scene: (MPG Formatted)
Photos Taken During the Filming: (currently offline)


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