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The Call of Satan

This particular short film was written by Josh while bored at a bar. The intial premise was one that originated from a drunken phone call from a lost friend at 3:00am one night.

The filming of this short was doomed from the beginning but okay in the end. Time went by, actors could not be coordinated, and then, with only a few days before the planned showing date, everything sort of aligned. This became Josh's directing debut, and also saw the graduation of Cam from assistant to on-camera-actor. Also brought on board was Pete, a friend of Josh's, to co-direct the first day of filming. This film also stars another completely seperate Pete who seems to be often typecasted as a certain underworldly prince of darkness (it wouldn't happen if he weren't so damn good at it). Also new to the RASHfilms roster was Leann, who stared as Pandora. Some RASH regulars are, of course, involved in this one as well.

The Mercury Lounge was kind enough to allow us to film in their establishment, and should, in fact, be patronaged, as it has good food, good spirits (the alcohol-based kind, not the soul-based kind) and bad spirits (these ones are the soul based kind, and also angry drunks). See the credits page for more info.

Also noteworthy is the music playing in the bar scenes. It was the work of a friend of mine by the name of Nick who writes music under the name of Angelfire. Also see the credits page for more info.

Now, without further ado, the film:

The Call of Satan: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)


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