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SETI is the third real project we put out. Granted I did a documentary on Blitz and a wedding, but those don’t count. So, here we go, SETI as shown at Wis-Kino where the rule was 5 minutes and The Directors Cut (and script of course).

SETI was shot mostly on Sat, July 16th. We started a bit late at 3:30 in Amanda’s apartment without Josh (he was working on the title music which made for a beautiful opening shot that I still love each time I see it). So, Borman, John, and Amanda were there to act (and help hold a boom if not in shot) and Marina was there to watch and ended up being a wonderful help. Holding the boom, moving the fan, turning lights on and off. She doesn’t believe she did much but without her it not only would have been a pain but impossible (it’s very hard to man a camera AND mic, especially when you want to zoom in on Borman hitting on my girl.) So, thank you Marina… that’s why you got the PA credit.

Then, a bit late, we headed to Affordable Computer Help to shoot the first part (Marina and Amanda when shopping and generally having fun instead of hanging out with 6 dudes in a computer shop for 3 hours – that’s not a complaint BTW) at 5:30. Brian from AFH was helpful as well. He got into shot now and again but that’s my bad. I’m the friggin director who spent so much time looking at the actors I forgot the rest of the frame. Heck the first short edit of the shot had him standing completely in frame and I didn’t notice until we previewed to Bobby Mat (Rob Matsushita).

Then, a bit late, we pick up Amanda and Marina and head home for the final bit of shooting upstairs. Light ain’ that great and the ceiling removes the ability to use a boom. So, Josh holds the shotgun and I do all the shots hand held. It doesn’t help that John is in the doghouse and trying to get out of there. After covering him with beer, we send him home and the rest of us go out to Perkins for a wrap party.. hey, it was 11 and most of us don’t really drink that much and we were hungry.

So, done right? Nope. Edited the thing on Sunday and had Bobby Mat come over for a preview. He made some suggestions (the numbers, the car, zooms, and get rid of the POV shot of John’s where Borman’s foot is clearly visable). The next day I had to stay home with the boy, and in between reading the new Harry Potter, I shot those car shots, added the numbers, oh yeah, and the cocaine insert (yes, that’s my hair in the reflection). Josh got home and we did one more insert of the car pulling out of the MATC parking lot and his hand shifting (which was fun since he has no idea how to operate a clutch) The only other insert, my hand grabbing the papers, was shot by Amanda the day of the screening. So that’s the story of SETI. Now watch it folks. (there’s more to tell, but you’ll have to wait for the commentary when we release a RASH DVD one of these days) Hey, I just realized that I tried writing this site in the third person… fuck that.

PS. This is Josh speaking, I have included the full version of the song that played during the "party" scene. It's called Conduit, and I wrote it recently, and it is a big booty shaker, so download it and listen to it.

SETI (Directors Cut): (iPod/MP4 Formatted)
Original Script: (TXT)
Die Trauigen Deutschen - Ep1: (MP3 Formatted)


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