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Johnny 5

The second project came a week later and introduced our shotgun mic. and boom pole. Also, we got John to act and Sam operated the sound and camera. The job required two people, but there you have it, an improvement none the less. Again, scripts were handed out, but not studied. Due to unforeseen circumstances filming began late and we just ran with it. The exercise was more about technical that acting.

It was RASH’s first use of a standard shoot with a 2 shot and close up of each actor. Due to phone calls, inexperience, and that fact that we’re natural goof offs, the original footage hit 45 minutes for about 2 minutes of final run. Shot in one night and edited the next, Johnny 5 has some great improvements (most noticeably in sound), a few things that worked well, and a few things that didn’t. A planned re-shoot is on the table.
Die Trauigen Deutschen - Ep1: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)
Original Script: (TXT)


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