The DVD Collection



Blitz 2005 RASHfilms: Year One Best of: Classic RASH
Space Saga 4: Special Edition Walmartopia: The Musical Sledgehammer Party

 All DVD covers by Josh Klessig except for Walmartopia  by Mike Duffy and Sledgehammer Party by Rob Matsushita


Blitz 2005 - Blitz is a yearly event held by the Mercury Players Theatre in which a group of writers have from 8pm until morning to write a short play.  The next day, actors come in and have until 8pm that night to act the plays out in front of a live audience.


RASHfilms: Year One - A collection of all of our short films from the year 2005


Best of: Classic RASH - A collection of sketches from back in our high school days, when RASH was a public access sketch comedy show.  This is a private, internal release and will not be distributed at this time unless you ask really really nice.


Space Saga 4: Special Edition - A movie we had made back in high school.  This is the original as well as the version re-filmed the next year with better equipment and different "actors".  This is a private, internal release and will not be distributed at this time.


Walmartopia: The Musical - The little play that could, the musical taking the nation by storm.  This play originated as a one act for Mercury Players Theatre's 10th anniversary show.  The writers later expanded it into a full length play for the 2005 season, and we recorded it at The Bartell Theatre during it's initial run there.  Since then it left those surroundings to go to The Overture Center, The Barrymore Theatre, New York Fringe Festival, and now it is gearing up for an Off Broadway run in 2007.  This DVD is no longer in production and is not for sale.  If you got one, be happy, they are quite limited now.


Sledgehammer Party - Produced for friend and colleague Rob Matsushita, this is a recording of a play he wrote and directed at the Broom Street Theatre.  This is a private, internal release and will not be distributed at this time.



We are not really a business, and thus we don't have a store (online or offline) to sell the DVDs.  If you hang around Madison, you may see them available during Mercury Players Theatre shows at the Bartell Theatre, or at Wis-Kino screenings at The Orpheum Theater.  We may also work on having some of them be available at Four Star Video Haven for rental.  However, if you really want a DVD, we can probably work something out:



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