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Reverence 2007 (Dead Beat Productions)

JULY 26th, 2007
I had the pleasure of filming most of band's performances in this event. I got interviews with the concert goers and many of the bands. A sort of documentary/concert footage thingy is in the works. Do not know details of when/how this will be released, if released at all. Hopefully a DVD of it will be made available. Fucking awesome. Editing is on the is about half-way through (05/23/08) and the rest should get finished or near finished in the coming month. Bands filmed include: mindfluxfuneral, Stochastic Theory, Sensuous Enemy, Parasite Twins, Iris, Bella Morte (cool guys), CTRLSHFT/ENDIF, Prometheus Burning, Filament 38, Caustic, I:Scintilla, Null Device and Stromkern. Additional footage of The Dark Clan, courtesy of Miss Nix of Simplistiks. The Reverence event is put on by Dead Beat Productions who break their fucking back to bring good music to the Madison area.


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