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Revenge of the MiniMusicals (Mercury Players Theatre)

APRIL 26th, 2007
Revenge of the MiniMusicals is a set of short, live musical plays produced by Mercury Players Theatre in the spring of 2007. Josh had the pleasure of being an understudy for this play, and thus got a chance to document this production from the inside-out. The play itself was also filmed. Editing of both the play and several supplemental featurettes has recently been completed (05/23/08). A DVD with a commentary track and about an hour of behind the scenes footage is planned to be released at the Mercury Players forthcoming production of Mercury Rising: Celeste and Starla Save Todd and Win Back the Day which will be showing at the MercLab (930 N. Fair Oaks) from June 6th to 21st.

In the meantime, enjoy some unedited footage of DeeDee and Irma, the intermission entertainment:


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