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Blitz 2006 (Mercury Players Theatre)

JULY 16th, 2006
We only just got done filming this. It is Mercury Players annual 24 hour play challenge held at the Drury stage at the Bartell Theatre.

On an interesting note, RASHflims founders Sam and Josh wrote one of the plays this year "Be Carefull With That Axe Eugene". It appeared to get a good reaction, and was the story about a man's epic Spy v. Spy -esque battle with Pope Fabulous III.

We were unable to recover the first night of plays, but were able to recover the footage from one of the camera's for the first half of the second night, and all three cameras for the second half. Thus, I have edited the plays together into iPod compatable MP4 files. There is also a bare bone's DVD floating around for $3 that has this footage in higher resolution. Click below for the MP4 files:

Blitz 2006 - Saturday - First Half (unedited, raw)
Blitz 2006 - Saturday - Second Half (edited, 3 angle)


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