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Wal-Martopia (Mercury Players Theatre)

JANUARY 7th, 2006
This was a large production for the Mercury Players Theatre, and as I type this, is gearing up for a tour to New York. We filmed this play, oh, about 4 times. First we filmed the rehearsal so that we had an idea of how the stage was going to be used. Then we filmed it two days in a row around New Years with plans to make it into a DVD to help build up the buzz for Wal-Martopia. It worked. The version we had made had fair to okay audio quality, but the video quality looked very good (the lighting for this play was awsome).

After the New Years showing, someone in the audience noticed our camera men and approched Cat and Andy, the creators of the show; they wanted to know how to get ahold of some clips of the footage to show on the local news. So if you saw those clips on any of the news stations around Madison at that time, they were from that filming session. The buzz around the play grew, and Audio for the Arts was called in to make a quality audio recording for the show, and we were called in to film the show yet again. That version of the show is now on the Wal-Martopia DVD, available for sale at Mercury Player Theatre shows, and through us (email us, we'll hook you up), for $10. My only gripe about the last refilming was that the previous shows had a live theremin player on stage, but the final shoot did not (due to scheduling conflicts). The theremin was really cool to hear live. Anyway, here is a clip from the show:

Walmartopia Clip: (iPod/MP4 Version)


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