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The Selfish Gene Live at the Stagedoor

NOVEMBER 10th, 2005
After seeing a few shows by this band, I approached them inquiring about whether or not they had considered having a live recording of one of their shows. They were quite into the idea, and thus we arranged to film a show they did at The Orpheum Stagedoor while opening for the band Cloud Cult. The Selfish Gene makes use of a video projector in some of their shows, this made for some lighting issues (the color looks rather washed out), but also made for some interesting camera shots. They used some clips from this for booking purposes. This project is stuck in production hell for the moment, as we work out some issues with the audio and interviews. The possibility of some sort of DVD release is still in negotiation. However, here is a clip from the show:

The Selfish Gene - Weight of Light: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)


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