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Sledgehammer Party (Broom Street Theatre)

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2005
This was a play written and directed by Rob Matsushita (who appears in our shorts "T-Shirts" and "I'm a Cop", as well as masterminding "Death in the City"). It is a play about one couple who invite another couple over to their cottage for a weekend. During this weekend, pretty much everything that could go wrong in a relationship goes wrong as both couples air out their dirty laundry with the help of drugs and violence.

We filmed this play because we wanted to try out multiple camera angles for the first time, and because we were both blown away by the actor's visceral performances. The result is a marked improvement from Blitz VI, however the footage is still a little sketchy, and audio is poor at times. A DVD with extras was made of this performance, but was designed only to be distributed amongst the actors and others involved at Rob's discretion. We do however have a little segment to show:

Slegehammer Party Clip: (iPod/MP4 Formatted)


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