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Blitz 2005 (Mercury Players Theatre)

MAY 27th, 2005
Blitz is an annual event held by the Mercury Players Theatre in which for two nights in a row, 8 writers are locked up from 8pm to about 7am in which time they must each write an approximately 15 minute stage script. That script will then be produced and ready to go live in front of an audience by 8pm the next night. The event is a test of dedication and skill for all the writers, actors, directors and technicians involved. Prop people running around trying to find or create exotic props, directors directing, actors rehearsing, lighting people lighting. It’s chaos. So we filmed it.

This was our first live filming experience, and it looks pretty shoddy. We also stayed up (in shifts) with the various people involved in the process to make a full length documentary about it all. Two nights, eight brand spankin’ new plays each. Good times.


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