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Season Two

Episode Seven
Dick Nixon
Evil Twin
The Andy-Christ

You may notice a lack of Brian in this episode. That’s because on filming day, we lost him. Finally we called his house and found that he had his wisdom teeth taken out and was a bit too loopy on Codeine to do anything but sleep. So, no Brian. Sporks was a remake of Fang Boy… or maybe it was the other way around… can’t remember. Either we thought the sporks idea was good enough for its own episode or we thought Fang Boy was. We really can’t remember which is which. Dick Nixon was truly one of the great openings, Satan lights and all.

The Dick Nixon sketch is available in the Best of Classic RASH compilation

Download "Best of Classic RASH" (113 Megabytes, iPod Formatted)

Pool Sharks

A short film shot for Season Two was a huge upgrade. It involved a few takes (yes, SECOND TAKES) and much heavier editing and shot composition. The general idea was a rip-off of Kingpin. The ending was truly a question. So, I just put a pool cue in my mouth and made the shot. If I got it, the ending would be happy. If not, sad. That said, Josh thinks that Pool Sharks should not be put up on the website and is "really really bad". Sam begs to differ, and says that it is merely "really bad".

Download "Pool Sharks" (41.2 Megabytes, iPod Formatted)

Space Saga 4

This is our most glorious project, kinda. It was the sequel to Space Saga, a short film made by Josh and Frank in middle-school. It was rewritten by John and Sam mostly with more rip offs and homage's than you could imagine. Blues Brothers, Adam Sandler, Terminator 2, Star Trek, Star Wars, Super Mario (he had a cameo), Holy Grail, and even Richie Sutcliffe — Super Guy (a short made by others in the class). I think we had second takes, and enough montages to choke a camel. Some nasty computer graphics were also there. The final outcome… pretty poor. But that was to be corrected the following year. Other friends made appearances, some to become full fledged members of the RASH troop in the future.

The Florida Tapes

The Florida Tapes were a bad idea from the start. It so happened that the entire RASH team and then some were going down to Florida for spring break. We thought it would be great to bring a camera along, maybe film an episode of RASH on location. Of course, coming up with a script or even some ideas before going would have been a good idea. What we filmed was an unrepentant 6 hours of footage. Some of it involved conversations about reality TV shows that involved starving people before feeding them to rats, a disquieting contest involving who out of the group has the most hair per body region, musings about Waffle Houses (something many of us had never encounterd in frosty Wisconsin), and a recording of a hotel TV as Real Sex was playing caps off the last tape. From this 6 hour stash, we used approx. 5 seconds in an acctual project. We plan to edit the tapes down to a little montage and include it on a DVD in the future. In the near-er future, we may put a few clips from it here on the site.


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