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Season One

Episode One
Leprechaun Opening
Sam Drinking Mt. Dew
Library Gangs
Sam Drinking More Mt. Dew
Real Stories of the Hallway Patrol 1
Real Stories of the Hallway Patrol 2
Sam Drink ALL the Mt. Dew

A good way to start a sketch comedy show is to rip something off. Stealing the “I’m the Leprechaun!” gag from the movie Wayne’s World, the show opens and moves to the sketch Library gangs. Shot with the director, Frank, reading a list of questions with some general ideas of answers, it is the most scripted sketch in the first episode. Unlike the clever mockumentary Spinal Tap, which used an outline and improv to create comic genius, RASH used laziness and making-it-up-as-we-went-along to create slightly humorous effects. The Real Stories of the Hallway Patrol 2 sketch’s script is literally as follows:

“Sam goes to library and sees Josh. Josh heads to locker room where Brian is waiting. Sam follows.”

That sketch went on an unbearable 15 minutes. In one shot! Very Robert Altman of us, no? No it is not. But we learned a lot, and one of those things was that we needed five members (5 Kids in the Hall, 5 Pythons– six if you count Gilliam!) We added John.

Episode Two
Nude Woman
Freshman’s Homecoming Float
A Musical Interlude*
Two Dogs, Mosquitoes, Cats in Love*
How Not To Eat Candy From a Vending Machine*
Two Monkeys in Love*
Bed and Breakfast*
Two Worms in Love*
I’d Rather Watch…*
Good Son, Bad Son
How Not To End A Show

Still considered the best episode, RASH peaked early thanks to Sam’s 12 hour Monty Python binge. In the next few days, feeling he’d discovered the secret to their comedy was normal situations plus a twist plus an odd character, Episode Two was written quickly. It included the best use of short running gags, and sketches that didn’t run to long. Scripts per say were still out of the equation but outlines were more fleshed out and generally discussed prior to filming. If only we’d moved on to the theory of a “second take”. This episode, if any, would be the one to place in archives.

Episode Three (Lost)
Frank’s Pee
Power Walker
Chair Racing
The Quentin Tarantino Happy Fun Hour

Episode Three, the “Lost Episode”, was filmed in a day and edited another. A script for a third episode had been written. It included a revamped version of Bed and Breakfast, however, when Frank told Sam it was due in two days the plan was ditched in favor of quickness. The opening for this episode was Frank (we think). It was a POV shot of him peeing. Ripping off was our greatest ability (at the time we called in an homage, but like the Charlie’s Angles movies, they were actually just rip offs). A direct steal from Adam Sandler, our longest pee video included the idea that Frank forgets to turn off the camera and holds it on his shoulder while “peeing”. This sounds funnier than it was. The Power Walker sketch was meant to be shot in the mall, but it was shot on the highway outside in March. Maybe we didn’t put it in the episode since the dialogue was ruined by wind. At least we shouldn’t have. There were other sketches, as of now lost.

Episode Four (Also Lost)
Ancient Chinese Secret
Sausage Guys
Substitute Teacher
Chinese Cowboy

The “Also Lost Episode” is not entirely lost. We still have the footage in original form but don’t know how we constructed it. Again, we had some general ideas but with the failure of Episode Three’s script and general laziness we fell back to the outline idea. Some of these were outright horrendous and should NEVER be placed online.

Episode Five
Josh Wants to Open
Drive Through Pizza Place 1*
Drive Through Pizza Place 2*
Can I be in the Band 2
Hootie and the Stone Temple Bush Jam
Drive Through Pizza 3*
Can I be in the Band 3
Drive Through Pizza 4*
Ze Janitor*
Drive Through Pizza 5*
Get Rid of the Clones

Not a Bad episode in retrospect. Ze Janitor was a long monologue made up as it was filmed with some planning. The voice was suppose to be French but quickly turned to Adam Sandler’s Goat Character. It made a good segway into the Drive Through Pizza bits which worked quite well if too long. This episode also featured Richie Sutcliffe quite a bit. He didn’t return for another episode however. For some reason we also forgot to edit in the first of the Can I Be in the Band sketch which sets up the other 2 Can I Be in the Band sketches. Silly us.

Episode Six
Fang Boy
The V-Slicer
Garage Sale
Captain Coffee’s Kiddie Coral
Interview with the Camera

Also known as “The Violence Episode”, this episode was dedicated to a guy who worked in Madison who was absolutely huge but talked with this little girl voice. So in it, two of us used that little voice before beating up our only customer in Garage Sale. And Captain Coffee’s Kiddie Coral involved hitting children, an all time American favorite. Interview With the Camera was the worst bit of all time. Shot month before and then abandoned, I can only assume it was added here for padding.

*These sketches and more appear on the Best of Classic RASH compilation
Download "Best of Classic RASH" (113 Megabytes, iPod Formatted)


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