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Other Classical Work

We start with a short made for and English class. This is the true beginnings of RASH. Before there was a concept and a name, Frank and Sam worked on a number of short projects for various history and English classes. The first was a short about the Underground Railroad. Given a one page script/outline by Frank, Sam fleshed it to a five page script in the form of a Dr. Seuss book. Yes, a Dr. Seuss book about the Underground Railroad….filmed with Frank as the runaway slave (forgive us, we grew up in a high school that combined two towns totally 3000 white Christians and 3 minorities). The two edited the footage together for the first collaborative effort. Later came the Fugitive Slave Law Act, starring Sam as the Slave, Brian B as the Slave Owner, Slave’s Mother, and Harriet Tubman, and John as the cameraman/narrator.

Luckily most all of this work has been lost. However, we’ve found one atonal little morsel made in 97-98.

Download "Edgar Allen Poe - The Musical" (17.9MB, iPod Formatted)


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