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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ooops...and Wis-Kino 48-hour Kabaret March 20th

Well someone forgot to pay for hosting and the RASHfilms website went down. Unfortunately, in addition to that, our offline backups of the RASHserver were from about...well...2006. So there are various things on the site that are/will-be-for-the-indefinite-future down. For one thing, some of the graphics from the front page are missing. All of the graphics from the "Equipment" page are missing. Also, many of the iPod-formatted videos are missing from the lineup on the right of the screen.

Also new. Due to the account being deleted, the changing of hands of web domains, etc, rashfilms.com is now located at rashfilms.thegentlemanloser.com. For the time being (probably at least the next year) going to rashfilms.com will forward you instantly to the new site.

Sam and I are cooking up a fresh new film to show at the Wis-Kino Spring 48-Hour Kabaret, March 20th (Kickoff) and 22nd (Main Screening) at Sundance Cinemas in the Hilldale mall. So you should come to both screenings, as we will bring new films to both. That is all.