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Monday, August 04, 2008

Films from the Trip to Louisville

Kino Louisville had their twice-yearly Spring Kabaret back in June, which means we were on the scene. This time, we got Emily and Rob to come along with us. Here is a video shot during the trip, part of the ongoing "Sam and Josh Go to Louisville" series:

Later we made a quick and dirty unstructured little film following that weekends Kabaret theme of "Distraction," it was basically just a camera set up in a corner and us passing the other camera around. It's called "Distraction (Joan)" and it's groovy:

Now you may have noticed that we had that little "(Joan)" thing next to the title. That's because Rob wrote and directed a little ditty by the same name. It's a continuation of the story started with his film "Complicated" and you can view it below:

Lastly Rob and Emily and Sam came up with this quick little Kino Louisville ID:

Two More From The Vault

Below we have two films from 2007 that just never quite got up on the site until now. They were both edited on a PC using Windows Movie Maker (yuk!) and thus they never got on to the main RASHfilms computer until now.

The first one, "Tom Waits Was Right" was created during the 2007 Kino Louisville Kabaret, the theme for that Kabaret was "drunk" or "drinking" or something like that. It is based off of a lyric in the Tom Waits song "Heart Attack and Vine" and in addition to Sam and myself, includes a bunch of local Louisvillians and a brief cameo by our friend John Mirsberger. Basically, it's about the devil going out to drink and causing mischief.

The second one, "When Brothers Fight" was created for the 2007 Wis-Kino Fall Kabaret, the theme for that Kabaret was "Down the Gutter." In it, two young children learn a valuable lesson brotherhood from a wise father figure.
I suppose that somehow your content was reencoded. BTW, did you elect to have anything put in the DVD-ROM area?