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Monday, August 04, 2008

Films from the Trip to Louisville

Kino Louisville had their twice-yearly Spring Kabaret back in June, which means we were on the scene. This time, we got Emily and Rob to come along with us. Here is a video shot during the trip, part of the ongoing "Sam and Josh Go to Louisville" series:

Later we made a quick and dirty unstructured little film following that weekends Kabaret theme of "Distraction," it was basically just a camera set up in a corner and us passing the other camera around. It's called "Distraction (Joan)" and it's groovy:

Now you may have noticed that we had that little "(Joan)" thing next to the title. That's because Rob wrote and directed a little ditty by the same name. It's a continuation of the story started with his film "Complicated" and you can view it below:

Lastly Rob and Emily and Sam came up with this quick little Kino Louisville ID:


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