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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Miscellaneous Ailments Foundation

Posted below here is the video footage of the play we wrote for the 2008 Blitz a few weeks ago. It's called The Miscellaneous Ailments Foundation, and the play was directed by Gary Kriesel. This play had a great cast as well as an amazing crew that brought this and seven other amazing short plays to stage in a little less than 12 hours.

It's a twisted little play that is your basic farce. A bunch of people, in a silly setting (a Victorian era sanitarium, think "Road to Wellville" in a different time setting) cross paths as they run in and out of scenes. There is mistaken identity, odd sexual disorders, and a whole lot of marital aids...

We will likely post the scripts to this play, Smoochy Woochy Poochy, and Be Careful With That Axe Eugine (who's video footage is unfortunately lost) on the website sometime in the near-ish future.

Well I am off to go edit a crap ton more of the various Mercury Players shows that we have filmed. Toodles.


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