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Friday, July 11, 2008

Blitz/Blitz Smackdown 2007 Discs Available

The Blitz 2007 collection is created and ready for sale. Come to Blitz this Friday (Jul 11th) and Saturday and pick up a copy for $15 (it includes three discs, Blitz Friday Night, Blitz Saturday Night, and Blitz Smackdown, as well as a photo gallery and some bonus RASHfilms). Also available will be DVD's for "Revenge of the Mini-Musicals" and "Mercury Rising" for $10 each.

Note that the first five Blitz 2007 Collections sold will have a bonus disc containing some footage from the Saturday night of the *2006* Blitz. These five bonus discs are THE LAST COPIES of those discs that will ever be available. So you may want to rush to get this before it sells out this Friday (Jul 11th) at Blitz, at 8pm at the Bartell Theatre.


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