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Friday, May 23, 2008

2 New Films (NAADS, and RASHnotes: 1984)

RASHfilms is coming out of it's Year+ long hibernation. First off is NAADS, a film that we shot several months back incorporating our new audio rig (though we still didn't know how to use it so well). This film was created for Wis-Kino's February 2008 screening (theme: love/sex). It's about ballsacks.

The other film was created in April for the Wis-Kino 2008 Spring Kabaret. The theme (drawn out of a hat two nights beforehand) was "Prop: Ice Cream Cones". It's called "RASHnotes: 1984" and it's a kickoff of a new series. Basically the premise goes like this: Sam and I pick a book we have never read, we go to the mall's Barnes and Nobel, grab the Cliff's Notes for the book, sit in the attached Starbucks and drink overpriced coffee while we read the two page summary, then make a movie with minimal costumes and props. We think it will start a trend on YouTube, unless someone else has thought of the idea first, but we are so confident that we are being original that we won't even check to see if that's the case. (NOTE that this is the rush-cut version, a reshoot is planned to fix some of the audio issues and tighten the script.)


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