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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

RASHfilms is on Indefinite Hiatus

As you may have noticed, things are pretty dead around here. Life interveans and stuff happens. Stuff like not really making films much unless it is a Kabaret. That is basically the gist of it. We are not making any new films at the moment, and don't know when we will resume. It will happen eventually, but for now, you best bet is to look forward to the next Wis-Kino Kabaret, which will kickoff on 04/20/08 at Escape Coffee Gallery at 7pm, I know for sure that we will make something for that.

As for our live projects, they are still on track, and in various phases production. Currently working on:

-Aporia - Live at the Mercury Lounge (soon)
-Reverence '07 - A Documentary of Sorts of Gothic/Industrial Mayhem
-Blitz Smackdown 2007
-Blitz 2007
-Revenge of the Mini-Musicals (Due out late spring 08)
-Mercury's Production of Reefer Madness (scheduled for non-public release)