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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Go to Blitz

So yeah, every year, Mercury Players Theatre (who we are totally in bed with) has this Blitz thing, where people write short plays that are then put together on stage in front of a live (drunk) audience 24 hours from when they start writing. We wrote a play last year (you may have remembered it, as it involved the pope and some various carnal shenanagans), and we are writing again this year (for the first night's show). So check it our at 7pm on the 13th, and then see even more weird plays the next night. The tickets are not reserves, so get their earlier if you want a seat because this show will sell out.
Also, in news that will make some of you very happy, we have decided that since we were only able to retrieve some of the footage from last year's Blitz (and only from the second night); we will release the edited footage from Blitz 2006 for free on this site in iPod format on July 13th.

That said, yes we made it fine back from France and made three movies that we will post up here when we have our shit together (as well as the long overdue video we made in Louisville). Also, if you are interested I wrote a blog about our trip that can be read on our Myspace page at myspace.com/rashfilms. Also, there are photos up on my Flickr profile at flickr.com/GentlemanLoser