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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Three New Films

First off is one many people have been waiting for. The second episode of I'm A Cop. There is an elaborate action sequence in this one directed by Rob Matsushita, it's awsome. Most of this was filmed back in August of 2006, but editing and voicework stalled out until the April 2007 WisKino screening (Theme: Explosions). So here it is:

Then, just last week was the WisKino 2007 Spring Kabaret. The kickoff screening had the theme "Silent Movie" and the day of the screening, I had an idea for a political PSA. So I storyboarded it during my lunch break, grabbed a co-worker and filmed/edited it a few hours before the screening. Seemed like a good way to start off Kabaret. Here is that movie, simply titled: Silent Movie.

Last off was our actual Kabaret film. Conceptualized, written, shot and cut in 48 hours. The theme was "Complecated." Sam and I decided that we would do a RASH double feature. Sam came up with the first short and trailer, and I came up with the second. However, I wanted this to be special, and so I collaborated with Steve VanHaran on my short. The two shorts and two fake trailers were packaged together. All together, this film (named Cottage Mill) has it all, children, murderous pop icons, sexyness, and jihad. Check it out:

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

WisKino 48Hour Kabaret

Just a heads up, but if you are reading this, you should join us on May 10th and 12th at The Orpheum Theatre for the Wis-Kino Spring Kabaret! Sam and I will be hosting the event and there will be lots of great films to watch and make. Also, as a special treat, there will a behind the scenes documentary on CHAD VADER, the run-a-way internet hit by Blame Society Productions. We will not likely have a film for the first night's screening, but you can bet your ass we will have made something for the Saturday screening.