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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Two New Films: RASH Take 3 Productions

First off, let me mention some unfortunate news. Since the last film of ours "Dick," our main camera (the lovely Panasonic DVX) was stolen. Thus for the foreseeable future we are forced to work with a little consumer-grade handheld. Video, and especially Audio, quality is going to be lower for awhile. We hope to purchase a seperate audio recording unit in the near future so that we can use our professional mics again, but this month's films do have audio issues. Please bear with them.

So first up is a film that Sam made about love just not quite making it's connection. It involves Dean Martin, dancing, and toothbrushing. It is called Ritorne Me and it is below:

Now you may be asking. What is this "RASH Take 3" business? Well, this is the third year of RASHfilms, and Sam and I have been wanting to move away from our dick and fart jokes to something a bit different and more challenging. Thing is, we still love our dick and fart jokes. So we decided that anything we make that is a little more thought or emotion provoking would fall under the imprint "RASH Take 3" (Take 3=Third Year), kinda like "Fox Searchlight Films" or something. Don't worry, the usuall stuff you expect from us will also get made, it it will go under the imprint of "RASHfilms" like it always has.

Now, on to the other film of this month. See, February's Wis-Kino theme was "love/sex" so you may notice that theme in these two videos. The next one is by me, and it is about not being able to relate to another human being, and thats when things go downhill for our main character. This film is called "Above Conceit" and check it out below:

That's all. See you next month. We will likely do a film or two following that month's Wis-Kino theme of "Music Video"

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Coming Attractions...