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Monday, October 16, 2006

Two more from the opposite of the vault

So you all may remember that we went to KinoLouisville earlier this spring for their Kino Spring Kabaret. We made a film on the drive down about us hitting a homeless person and disposing of his body. Well, their Fall Kabaret was just recently. So we made a sequel of sorts to the film we had made them before, this time detailing our attempts to pass off the dead guy as an actor. Then we waited around until they announced the theme, which was "Breeze" and got ready to film something here in Madison, then drive down the day of screening to get the film over there. Initially we were going to film an old script we found and wedge the theme into it. We were packing up and then it hit us! Perfume commercial!

It got made, and at 9:30am on Saturday, we left for Louisville. We arrived an hour before the screening and hung out after the screening to catch the band Love Jones at the very cool music venue The Phoenix Hill Tavern. Then at 1:00am we drove back to Madison, arriving at 9:30am Sunday morning, just in time to sleep before doing the Madison WisKino screening. So without further ado, click below.

Sam and Josh Return to Louisville