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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Long time, no updates

Wow... long time. You're out there saying WHAT THE FUCK!

Have we been not busy? Hell no. We've been working on some of our non-short film projects such as few plays. Also, we've begun work on Death & The City. A series of films ranging from (based on script length) 8 to 30 minutes. We spent a day in front of the green screen just getting some constume work done. That was cut into a trailer which we'll post up here soon. We just need to touch it up a bit more since the green screen didn't go as well as planned and needs some more detail work.

However, yesterday we did shoot the opening sequence to the show, and it looks wonderful. That will hopefully be posted up here very soon. As well as a link to a site dedicated to the series.

It's been written and will be directed to Rob Matsushita.