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Saturday, May 13, 2006

RASH DVDs complete - Really This Time

Finally, they're complete and available for the low low price of $7.50
But wait, there's more! Order within the next 15 minutes and we'll give you 2 DVDs for only $15!

The RASH: Year One Discs include all the films from 2005 plus a bit more:

Johnny 5
SETI (5 minute Kino cut and the 9 minute extended cut)
We'll Never Get Joey Lawrence
Spook House
The Call of Satan
Sleep Depravity
Wave of the Future

And All 4 parts of Die Traurigen Deutschen including the 6 minute Episode 4 with more LOTR goodness!

Also, a slideshow with some pics, deleted scenes, outtakes, clips from plays and concerts we filmed, and effect tests!

So order now because supplies are unlimited! Just email RY1@rashfilms.com with your prefered delivery method. Send checks/money orders to

Sam Lawson
3005 Commercial Ave
Madison, WI

Or Paypal admin@rashfilms.com

So... yeah. Blitz Disks are available as well.
Walmartopia DVDs are soon to come.