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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kabaret, two new films

Okay, this last weekend was Kabaret, which means that there were two Wis-Kino screenings. Two screenings = two films. Here they are. First off is I'm A Cop, this was the film we made for Kabaret, which means that we made it in 48 hours and shown on Saturday. The theme was announced on Thursday as "Disguise". It's a cop drama.

For the Thursday screening we made a film about an unfortunate T-Shirt design that resluts in a calamatus finale. It is part of the "Sam and Josh" series of shorts, it's titled T-Shirts.

I'm a Cop

Sam and Josh - T-Shirts

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Videos from Adelaide

So here are the films that were made by Sam during is two week trip to the Kino-Adelaide Kabaret in Australia. They do their Kabaret a little different from Wis-Kino, in that not only do they announce a theme and require a film to be made around the theme in 48 hours, but they proceed to do this five times in a row. So on to the films:

The SA Episode 1
The first in a two part series that lampoons shows like The OC. Quite a large cast on this one. It was originally going to be a stand alone episode, but it got so many comments at the screening that a second episode was screened.

The SA Episode 2
Lots of events unfold here, unlikely connections between the characters were made. Love is lost, then found. A main character tragically dies, but his death brings the rest of the characters together.

Kino Adelaide ID (video coming back soon)
Just an ID peice. Like a commercial advertising that what you are watching is a Kino Adelaide production. This one incorporated the Rubik's cube, which is a common theme of RASHfilms.

Stain (video coming back soon)
This one is dirty. It quite literaly goes exactly where you are afraid it will go. See, the Kino Lab is a part of any Kino group's Kabaret, it acts as a central location that everyone involved can get together and excange talent and equipment. Kino Adelaides lab was located in a shut-down porno theater. This film makes use of their Kino lab as a set.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Walmartopia DVD coming soon

At this point we're just working out the kinks and details, but Walmartopia DVDs will be made available at some point either through this website or another (we'll make sure to post a link in the latter case)

So, those hungry for one, it's coming...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"Because It Has To" Screening

The documentary we made last year about Blitz VI will be screening at the Mercury Cafe on April 25th (that's like 4 weeks from now - Tuesday night) at 7:30 PM

We'll likely screen a couple of new RASH films there as a warm up before the documentary.
"Because It Has To" runs 1 hour and 17 minutes.

If you've not seen it yet, please come down and see it. For Kinoites, Blitz is the Kabaret of theatre.

Thursday night at 8PM 8 writers assembled, drew play titles, number of actors/actresses, and a sound challange. They had 12 hours to complete their (about) 15 minute play.

In come 8 directors who have 2 hours to read their scripts, look at potential actors and finally have and actor draft.

At 10AM the actors arrive and go with their directors for memorization/blocking/rehearsals (the directors also have to meet with the designers)

At 8PM - 24 hours later, the show goes on, ready or not.
Last year, this was done 2 nights in a row. The documentary takes you behind the scenes with the writers, designers and cast.

So meet us there already!