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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh yeah - Isthmus reviews

For January's screening -

Another film not partaking in the theme (largely) was the fourth (and final) part of RASH Film's Die Traurigen Deutchen, the farcical möbius loop featuring multiple, though differing copies of a pair of Hanz, Franz, und Dieter yukking Euro-menschen. Their ordeal of replication and displacement was finally resolved with the help of an Al and Ziggy simulacrum. The funniest parts were its opening and closing. The former consisted of a spot-on parody of the opener to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, with the narration by Galadriel coming in German rather than Sindarin. The ending was a nod to the police theme, in which a title card stating -- "Oh yeah, this month's theme was police. That's OK. We still have time" -- was followed by a three second countdown and a two second snippet of Sting screeching "Roxanne." This too, brought the laughs.

And from the reivew of February -

Going to Adelaide
The show itself was hosted Williams and Justin Sprecher. They announced the group's multitude of upcoming screenings, as well as an upcoming trip to a ten-day Kabaret in Adelaide, Australia by a couple of Wis-Kino regulars.

Sprecher and Sam Lawson of RASH Films are leaving on March 4 for a thirty-odd hour flight to Adelaide, which is located in South Australia to the northwest of Melbourne. They are participating in the Kino Kabaret in the Adelaide Film Festival, which is itself part of the Adelaide Fringe festival. In fact, the first film shown Sunday (Just in my mind by Roger Bindl) anticipated their journey.

Sprecher and Lawson were invited to attend and will be hosted by that city's Kino group. They will be producing 5 films in 10 days there, in addition to acting as ambassadors for both Kino and the United States. "I'm hoping to make some good films and work with people from other Kinos," Sprecher says.

Lawson concurs. "We get to make films with a completely different group of people," he explains. "Their idea of what's funny and what's dramatic is completely different. There's no better way to get a cultural experience than when you meet people and get to know them firsthand."

"It's almost like a foreign exchange program for filmmakers," Lawson says.

There will be a special RASH screening at the Mercury Café on March 21, shortly after Lawson returns from Australia.

(Note... those quotes really make me sound cool... I don't remember being so articulate that night :)

...and two entries from RASH, the very meta Sam & Josh Go to Louisville and the mockumentary Paradaphobia, created in that city's recent Kabaret.

Screening Tonight - videos to follow

So you wanna see some stuff from Aussieland?

Then come out tonight - Tuesday the 21st - to the Merc Cafe (117 E Mifflin St. next to the Bartell Theatre) where we'll be showing nearly everything I made while down there.

The only thing not shown will be part 4 of a 5 part series called "Choose Your Own Adventure"
In this series Madison's own Justin Sprecher made one film and at the end he gave the audience two choices. They voted by round of applause and then Kate George had to make a second film based on that choice. Next was Sumen's turn, then mine, and finally Adam Lemmey finished off the series.

Justin plans on showing all five episode at the April Wis-Kino screeing that proceeds our own Kabaret. Those may or may not make it to this site. So if it sounds interesting (and it is damn it!) come to the Wis-Kino Kabaret screening as well (Thursday April 20th at the Orpheum theatre - 7PM)

We'll be releasing the Aussie stuff on this website slowly but surely, trickling a little out each week.

The pieces of never realeased films are as follows:

The SA (as in The OC, but Southern Australia instead)
Kino-Adelaide ID
another Kino-Adelaide ID
My Day at the Beach
Four Grown Men
The SA (episode 2)

Friday, March 10, 2006

RASHfilms on MySpace

It is surely a sign of the endtimes. RASHfilms is now on MySpace. You know, the place for friends, and virtual STDs.

If you are into myspace, please come join us at http://myspace.com/rashfilms

We are lonely and despirate for friends, so become one, or we will write you off like that!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Woot Woot from the land down under.

It's Wednesday morning here, the first day of the Kabaret.
Some Frenchies (actuallhy Montreal folks - but they all call them Frenchies) are due in today around noon and tonight we have the first meeting and the 10 day rampage begins!

Everything is set, I'm having a bit of trouble with some electronics, but for the most part, the important stuff is working out. My hosts are wonderful (Sumi and her husband Dave, who's from Canada actually - so we have fun little rifts over States vs. Canada - I sang him "If Canada were dead and gone, there'd be no more Celine Dion" and mentioned that Canada gave us Shatner. He said the States gave us Bush and he imediately won every argument until the end of time.)

So, filming will commence soon. I believe the Sprecher and I will film a thing today for Wis-Kino to show, so you can still see our faces on the 19th at the Orpheum (and I'll be in Chicago at the time awaiting for my plan to leave and bring me home, JUST missing the screening.)