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Sunday, February 26, 2006

RASH films Year One Screening

Did you miss a Wis-Kino screening? Tired of seeing low quality little versions of our film on your computer. Well, then mark your calander for March 21st (that's a Tuesday) at 7PM.

At that time, and the Mercury Cafe (117 E Mifflin St) we'll be showing our films, including the new one from Australia!

Entrance is free of course, no minimum drink purchases or anything. Just stop in, grab and chair and have some fun. But if you DO wanna buy some dinner or a drink or two, that would likely make the establishment very happy.

So mark the date and see us there!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Search Word Querry. AKA - Why you're here.

Why are you here? We want to know. So I'ved checked the Search Word querry and here are some of the results. (Note - these are ACTUAL results. I couldn't make this up if I tried)

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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Paradaphobia is a serious affliction that afflicts many people who are afflicted with this disorder. Lives shatter, friendships are especially stressed. We at RASHfilms decided that it is our civic duty to increase public awareness of this life changing illness.

We have put together a five minute documentary that we hope you will find informative and sobering.


Paradaphobia is not online yet

We were going to have our Kaberet film "Paradaphobia" up on the site last night, but the fine Kino Louisville folks took us out to get our karaoke on. Did you know that the bars in Louisville stay open until 4am. Shit yeah!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Road to Kentucky

So around 2:30 Central we rolled into Louisville, KY at our lush feature-rich Days Inn motel room. Sam immediately set up shop, getting the G5 and all the hard drives (we have about 1.5 TB of storage on that thing now) up and running. I went straight to sleep. We shot a video (mostly) on the way down, and Sam edited it this morning. It's called "Sam and Josh go to Louisville" and it is the feel-good movie of the year to be sure.

Sam and Josh go to Louisville

Friday, February 03, 2006

Walmatopia Clips

Yeah. This project was a big big project. We were there for the rehearsals, meetings, and we filmed four showings. The first was just an audio test. The second was a dry run before making the third recording on New Years Eve. The below link is footage edited from that third recording. The same footage that was sent around to the local network TV stations as sample footage from the show. The show really started to get publicity, and the writers wanted us to come back and film a fourth time, this time with some professionals there to record the show's audio. The end product should be a DVD of the show, with commentaries. For now, enjoy these clips. The DVD is scheduled to be edited by mid-next week.

Walmartopia Clips (video coming back soon)

Feels Like Falling

We had just finished filming a play by Rob Matsushita entitled Sledgehammer Party. This was awhile back, like September. Early September.

After filming that, we went down to the Anchor Inn to see Aporia. We still had our camera with us, so we decided to bring the it along. Of course, we had been talking with the band for some time about making a music video for their song "Footprints", we even had an advance unmastered copy of their CD to show for it, so they were cool with us bringing the camera down on their show. They put on a great show, we put on crappy handheld camerwork. Below you can see one song off of that show, the rest of the recording is in the bands hands, and is not of the highest quality.

Aporia - Feels Like Falling (video coming back soon)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Final Die Traurigen Deutchen

Below you will find the last episode of Die Traurigen Deutchen. It is the fourth and most precious episode. It is also an extended cut from the one shown at Wis-Kino, with an extended opening, and little bits here and there. One thing that won't be in this episode are the swistikas. Those went over REALLY bad with the audience, even though they were inverted swastikas, which are acctually Buddhist symbols for prosperity. We couldn't bring ourselves to use the more well-known German variety. We always wanted to use this series to push a few boundaries, we apparently learned exactly how much pushing is too much pussing.

Also, that alternate (dirty-er) version of Die Traurigen Deutchen 3 that I promised way back in November? It is on the way, let us put it off until after going to the Kentucky Kino next week, then we will put together a cut of the completely alternate shoot of Die Traurigen Deutchen Episode 3.

There is talk about making a little documentary about the making of Die Traurigen Deutchen since we have piles of bloopers and other footage. Lots of silly stuff that went on when the camera was left rolng in between takes.

IN OTHER RASH NEWS: We recently filmed a live set by the band The Selfish Gene and that was an exciting venture into the world of music for us. However, it is not the first. We filmed a show by the band Aporia a little while back, and in the coming few days I will post one of the songs from that show on the site. Also, as mentioned before, we have filmed the local musical Walmartopia, and some rough footage we had of it has been circulating the local news stations. We will have those clips up on this site in the coming days as well. The fate of the footage from the The Selfish Gene shoot? Well, I am still working on it, we will likely throw a song up here on the site some time in the distant future, but the rest is all for whatever it is that band wants to do with it.

Die Traurigen Deutchen Ep4 (wmv, 12.9MB)