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Friday, September 01, 2006

New Videos to Ring In September

Okay, so here is the short video work we have done over the last several months. As I said, we have been busy with other projects that kept us away from this type of work. Below we have three (well four if you count the PSAs separate) videos. The first two are by Sam alone, and the PSAs are by me alone. These are all shorter works, and not our best offerings, but they coaxed a few laughs, so they are not completely without merit.

Adventures of Kitty is part of a periodic animated series that will involve kitty in a number of short situations with simple plots. Think of it as a newspaper comics section in motion.

Whats Better Than Superman is Sam's loveletter to the movie Superman and its marketing department. However, it is found that even Superman can be bested in this modern Hollywood.

The Republican PSAs were a series I did. There were three, however the second one was not put on the web on request of one of the actors (pansy) who didn't want the world to see him pelvic thrust his "wife". The first one sucks supremely, but sort of sets the theme for the other ones. This was put together in only two dats, so it's quality lacks.

The Adventures of Kitty
What's Better Than Superman
Republican Party PSAs


Anonymous The Wolf said...

Yeah, this is Frank's brother

I laughed my ass off at the Adventures of Kitty. I'm looking forward to the next short you're going to make involving Kitty.

Monday, September 18, 2006 12:03:00 PM  

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