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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Screening Tonight - videos to follow

So you wanna see some stuff from Aussieland?

Then come out tonight - Tuesday the 21st - to the Merc Cafe (117 E Mifflin St. next to the Bartell Theatre) where we'll be showing nearly everything I made while down there.

The only thing not shown will be part 4 of a 5 part series called "Choose Your Own Adventure"
In this series Madison's own Justin Sprecher made one film and at the end he gave the audience two choices. They voted by round of applause and then Kate George had to make a second film based on that choice. Next was Sumen's turn, then mine, and finally Adam Lemmey finished off the series.

Justin plans on showing all five episode at the April Wis-Kino screeing that proceeds our own Kabaret. Those may or may not make it to this site. So if it sounds interesting (and it is damn it!) come to the Wis-Kino Kabaret screening as well (Thursday April 20th at the Orpheum theatre - 7PM)

We'll be releasing the Aussie stuff on this website slowly but surely, trickling a little out each week.

The pieces of never realeased films are as follows:

The SA (as in The OC, but Southern Australia instead)
Kino-Adelaide ID
another Kino-Adelaide ID
My Day at the Beach
Four Grown Men
The SA (episode 2)


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