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Monday, January 09, 2006

Walmartopia update - DVD will be delayed... but for good reason

We're re-shooting Walmartopia. Why you ask? 2 reasons.

1) Some of the video work wasn't perfect, namely one camera didn't auto adjust the light level and the spots made everying white white white.

2) Mostly, they are doing a multitrack recording and then mixing all the levels perfectly. Of course that audio won't match with our video so we need to reshoot.

3) They want a different front/center angle, so we're looking at getting a 4th camera.... or so. Hell, let's get six and then we KNOW we'll get everything. If the audio is gonna be super professional (they're bringing in Audio for the Arts... I believe they record the Madison Symphony) we'd better make it LOOK damn professional. We'll be there early on Friday getting all the camera's prepped and set correctly for the lights, making sure all the operators are told by me how to adjust the levels.

So, one more night of shooting, but it's only a few short hours of one night and we'll get a super superior product out of it. Better get Josh's Film Crew shirt fixed (he hates it, but since we wore them, Channel 3 noticed it was being filmed and has been playing our clips constantly for the past week and a half)


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