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Monday, December 26, 2005

DVDs Come in Threes

So the year is at the end, so we decided to make a year end retrospective DVD (the first of the three above). The other DVD is a best of collection from our old sketch comedy show from high school. The third DVD is the two versions of our high school movie Space Saga 4 (we filmed it once, then a year later refilmed it with many changes). As you may have noticed, the last two DVDs are really more of a personal thing. There is a reason for this. All three of these DVDs are just an internal release for the core RASH team, as a holidays present. This is all to coincide with the very glitzy glamoury RASHfilms Weekend-After-New-Years party. Now while these DVDs are just for us, if you really want it, and you email us, we can probably hook you up with a RASHfilms Year One retrospective.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The New Wave (of the future)

Okay. Three films screened this Friday, and oh boy was it a drunken orgy of good times. So I have finished encoding the videos to the site.

Die Traurigen Deutchen Episode 3 finally got finished. Production-wise, we fell that it was certainly better than Episode 2. It has a very long opening, that serves its purpose well, but is still a bit long for a 4:30 minute short. Oh well. Just wait for the next/final episode. In the next few days (at the latest, by the end of the week) we should have the alternate edit of Die Traurigen Deutchen Ep3. A much darker, spit-take filled, version. Also, it will look very cobbeled together and low quality, as it was not properly shot (thus the reshoot, and time to decide to change the entire structure of the episode), so don't hold it against us. This will just be a video that will give you an idea of what was originally intended.

Now, Disconnected (video coming back soon) is not a comedy. I will say that right here right now. If Sam were the suicidal type, I would have gotten very worried after seeing this video. It's not happy. It's very lonely and uncomfortable. It is also, incedentally, not at all Sam's usual style. Which is really strange, as he did this entire one by himself one Tuesday night whilst I was getting my Karaoke swerve on, and his kids were asleep.

Lastly, we have Wave of the Future. I came up with it at work just last Thursday, wrote a script during my lunch hour, sent it to Sam who got the actress (his girlfriend, and hardcore zombie fiend) together, and we started filming that night. Then Sam did the remander of the scenes while I was at work the next day. It was then edited just before going off to the Wis-Kino screening that night. It's about a unique approach to telemarketing.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Whoa nelly! (not Fertado)

Well, we showed our three films.

The Wave of the Future (aka Big Brain Suicide)

We skipped phonetag... and a good thing as most folks seemed to enjoy WotF the most (and Josh wrote in on Thursday and most of it was filmed Friday at 3PM

We've got some pics to upload, and of course 3 videos (WotF needs a wee bit of work still, but it'll be out today) And there will surely be more talk about the screening and stuff... I'm just groggy now so shut you're cake holes.