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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Films for Dec 9th

We'll be sporting 3 films this month... most likely...

1 is, of course, Die Traurigen Deutschen 3.
However, due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding a particular film at Kabaret, we'll be showing a trimmed version at Wis-Kino. A little less "in your face" (pun intended)

But, the full, disgusting version will be available here (and likely a clean version just so you can see the differences)

We'll also have a short film tentitively called "Phone Tag" preceding DTD3 about Josh and I trying to communicate about filming DTD3

And, finally, a short peice I did myself after spending a night alone listening to the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Needless to say, it's a bit of a departure piece.

That is all for now. You'll likely get another update this week after we've filmed (planned for tomorrow and Monday)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sleep Depravity: Special Features

Yes, we have loads of goodies from this one, as this film was part of an unprecedented challenge, we figured an unprecidented level of documentation and goodies was in order. We have for you a scene that was deleted because of time constraints, a blooper reel (complete with near goregasm), photos taken during the entire bloody process, and for the three of you that wanted it, you can take a looky-looky at the Milk/Wool Insulin Kit brochures. The best part of the screening on saturday was hearing a handfull of people (presumably the visitors from French-Canada) laughing when the brochure was on camera and readable. Below is pretty much just a cut and paste from what you will see for the "Sleep Depravity" entry in the "Recent Work" section. Enjoy.

Out-Take Reel (video coming back soon)
Deleted Scene (video coming back soon)
Photos Taken During the Filming (coming back soon)
Milk/Wool Insulin Pump Brochure (French / Gibberish) (coming back soon)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Can I open my eyes now?

Done and done. Coming soon, a deleted scene and some out takes.

While editing yesterday morning I suddenly realized I'd forgotten to edit in a scene. If you've seen the film you'll understand how that could happen. But it ran a bit long anyway and it was after the "Dark City" scene so I like it better the way it is. But we'll get it online anyway. John made a great Ninja.

And class, what did we learn today?
NEVER EVER combine blue screen and smoke. EVER. (well, maybe later when we don't suck at it so much).

And yes... I've made the most David Lynchesque thing I hope to ever make... but I've also filmed a dream the way dreams play out sometimes which is something I've wanted to do but never wanted to since it makes for the type of film I don't like. The DICHOTOMY OF IT ALL!

And FYI, the part about the milk/wool/French instruction was an actual dream of mine that inspired not only this piece but the theme (I told Yonda the dream at the Great Dane on Monday and he said... yes... dreams... a good possible Kabaret theme... and wrote it down on his list next to end of the world and the like.

BUT, in my dream I think I was suppose to knit something, not make insulin kits.

Next up, DTD3 and a film about phones

Kabaret Komplete

Well, the Wis-Kino Fall 2005 Kabaret is complete. Our film showed last, something that seems to be a trend lately. Our film, "Sleep Depravity" was more in the vein of being strange and creepy. Something Sam hates, and I happen to love.

Sleep Depravity

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wis-Kino 48 Hour Challenge

Last night, at approximately 10pm, the secret theme of this year's Wis-Kino Kaberat was chosen: "An Impossible Dream" Thus the 48 hour clock began ticking down and we have been working nearly around the clock. Thursday night was spent pitching ideas, drinking, and writing a script. Today, we have spent shooting, and working on our effects abilities (we suddenly learned how to use blue screen with a fair amount of proficiancy, like with matrix brain upload style speeds). I just finished the title sequence, which involved alot of photoshop work. The film is called "Sleep Depravity" We have will wrap up filming in the coming few hours, then Sam will start working on a rough edit and we will hit the hay, or the vodka. In the morning, editing will be finalized, as well as effects and any pick up shooting. I will begin working on the score. It will be finished and shown tomorrow evening.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Changing Dates, Prunes, and other dried fruits

OK, so we keep getting things pushed back and it's all my fault. Really. Too much Tony Hawk's American Wasteland... damn you Actionvision.

After viewing this months Wis-Kino the bar was raised quite a lot. We don't want to rush out Die Traurigen Deutschen (which has been thus so far cursed) and have crap. We'd rather rush out something we don't care as much about. That's a joke.

Either way, with the dates of the future shows getting pushed forward (Nov 10th, Dec 9th) We've decided to give Die Traurigen Deutschen 3 the time it deserves and show it Dec 9th. This pushes back the forth episode to Jan 27th. Three months... good. The first script runs about 8 pages, but we're adding more each day and expect the final episode to run 10 minutes total. Also, we're looking at incorperating some green screen and need the time to learn that stuff. Maybe if we keep pushing, someday we'll make non-crap!

Regardless, we have at least two things for Nov 10th. The trailer and Spook House, so if you're looking for GOOD versions, meet us there. Then nearly the entire original RASH gang will asamble at RASH Films HQ for an all night writing session for Kabaret. We'll miss Borman, but we'll have a fresh face (still from Heights though...) Jess.

Maybe Cam too... hey... we should ask that mo'fo what's up for that weekend... yeah. Digression.
Come see our 48 hour film on the 12th. Check out Wis-Kino's site for all the details. It'll be old school RASH. Sam, Josh, John & Frank; 1 camera; 48 hours; no decernable script.

And, like the first and only episode of the 96-97 season, no Borman. Then he was in a drug induced coma (wisdom teeth go bye-bye) not because he's in Massicutesetstess... can't spell the state... must be all that gay marriage ruining the nation or something.