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Monday, October 31, 2005

Wis-Kino - All Apologies

So yeah. Nothing really went according to plans this time around. We, at the last minute, were able to schedule people to shoot The Call of Satan, which was a big surprise, but there was a catch. Sam could not direct it, it was left to me. So naturally the first thing I did was call someone else to help me direct the first day of shooting, enter Pete (the other Pete, the one that was NOT playing Satan). The other catch was the time frame. First day of shooting was on Saturday, then the second half had to be filmed Sunday between noon and 1:00pm (well it went until about 2:00pm), leaving us 5 hours to rip and edit and film a few extra little bits here and there. End result, final edit at about 7:00pm, which, if you were paying attention, is when the show starts for Wis-Kino. I was a half hour late with the tape, and it appeared that all was lost. Then an intermission announcement, they would sneak the tape in the second half. However, when our video came around to be showen, well, what we got was footage from the raw footage of our Blitz 6 filming back in May, the tape had not been rewound. Egg firmly soaking on my face, they stopped to rewind the tape, it was if fate was bitch slapping me again and again. In the end, the film showed, some people laughed others cried. The fact was that it was shown against an amazing line up this month, one of the best I have seen at Wis-Kino yet. However, now you too can check it out. Click on the embedded video below to download "The Call of Satan" in Windows Media Video.

Another film was meant to be shown at this month's Wis-Kino, but it's preparations ran even more late. It was cool because not only did it meet the October Kino theme of "halloween/spooky" but it also met the November theme of "One Continuous Camera Shot". It was called Spook House and was all in Sam's improved delivery. This one was shot much more in the style of our highschool days of RASH the sketch show. Very seat of the pants. You can click on the embedded video below to watch "Spook House" in Windows Media Format.

Die Traurigen Deutchen Episode 3 is delayed, as we lost one of the tapes from the re-shoot. Expect it in the rapidly approaching November show. For now, you can check out a trailer. We promise that the third episode will make it to the November Wis-Kino, and boy will it be uncomfortable, it's not a happy go lucky episode. Then, with a bit of luck, the fourth and final episode will be at the December Wis-Kino, and to describe the final episode in a word, that word would be "epic" and/or "very somewhat confusing but explaining all the holes in the time travel theory that the show is based on sort of". You can download the trailer HERE in Windows Media Format.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Filming Part Duex

So, yeah. Um. Yeah.
About 19 days after we initially shot the [censored] of Die Traurigen Deutchen Episode 3, we finally got around to the reshoot (the previous shoot just didn't work).

So we still have a little tiny bit to film, and finish the edit. It will be, well, it will be what it will be.

The next Wis-Kino showing will be this Sunday. Oct 30th, Halloween weekend, Sunday. We will also (hopefully, this one is hanging on a thin thread as of now, as far as scheduling is concerned) be showing another film, called The Call of Satan, to follow the Halloween theme for this months Wis-Kino.

Also, we should note, that the 4th (and final) episode of Die Traurigen Deutchen will not be at the November Wis-Kino, but instead will be held off until the December 'Kino, as we will need the extra time for what we plan to shoot. Lets just say this, it will be epic!

Thats all for now. Hope to see as many of you as possible at the screening this weekend. Live and die by the 'Kino!

Monday, October 03, 2005

...as you are