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Thursday, September 29, 2005

SETI refused by video.download.com

Well, we weren't prepared for that, but so it goes. No full explanation as of yet, but I'm assuming it has something to do with heroin. Babies.

EDIT FROM JOSH: Acctually it was a length issue. We will send them the Wis-Kino cut in it's place.

Regardless, we are likely going to postpone our showing of "Joey" at Wis-Kino for another time. Everyone seems to enjoy it and/or think it will play well with an audience. But we already plan on breaking new ground with the level of shock in DTD3 and think we should keep it to one shocking film at a time.

We've got on idea for another short that would play well BEFORE Joey that we might work on and show soon enough.

This Monday, the 3rd, we're beginning the DTD3 shoot and need/want all the help we can. We also need someone to operate a second camera for some behind the scenes stuff.

So E-mail us if your're available that night. There will definetly be some shooting after 9PM for the docks, but we may shoot a bunch of other stuff before that. The after 9PM shoot will require the most help as it is where we're going to have to deal with wide split screen shots.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Joey Lawrence Won't Do It"

A new short that we just finished and sent to competition.
It'll will likely lose, maybe even be disqualified.

We plan to show it at Wis-Kino this month but.... maybe not.
This particular short has reach new hights in it's lowness.

Take a look and give us your opinion.

Joey Lawrence Won't Do It

Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Daily Page Strikes Again

The Istmus's Daily Page has revewed Wis-Kino again. Here is their take on DTD2

Die Traurigen Deutchen: Episode 2 – RASH Films
Another serial, this episode of the passive-aggressive Klaus and Fritz opened with a funny Brady Bunch opening credits homage, boxing all three pairs of the descendants of Sgt. Schultz. Complete with flashbacks to previous attempts to assail one another, the characters end up going to "the docks" (or are they the Yahara locks?) in order to learn the secret of time travel in order to visit themselves. Yup, it's a möbius, complete with umlaut.

In other news we'll be showing two peices in Oct. DTD3 and another tentitivly titled "Joey Lawrence Won't Do It."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Another Month Gone!

That went fast. Before too long (Oct 30th) we'll be showing DTD ep 3 at wis-kino.

How to top ep 2? Well, we think we've got a truly remarkable flashback idea. Time to write it all down. More locations too. We're going to start working on this one as soon as possible so we don't run into that wonderful... 1 week left... SHIT... issue. So, all you folks... expect those calls.

But until then, enjoy DTD2.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Die Traurigen Deutchen: Kapitel Zwei

Episode 2 of Die Traurigen Deutchen is finished. Klaus and Fritz prepare to go to the docks and tell a tender story about rescuing a kitty. It's all good.

Editing is Finalized!

The final edit of the second episode of Die Traurigen Deutchen was made late last night. The files are already on the rashfilms.com server.

The new episode will be shown at Wis-Kino tonite at about 7pm at the Orpheum Stagedoor Theater. Shortly there after, the video will go live on this website.

We strongly encourage you to come to see it on the big screen in full clairty tonight at Wis-Kino this night more than others as tonight is also a fundraiser for Wis-Kino and for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There will be live music after the showing of all the Wis-Kino films.

I am bringing my laptop along with me there, so I will be able to instruct the website to go live with the episode from the Orpheum directly after the show. So those who couldn't make it can have a chance to see it at relatively the same time that those attending did. That is all.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Shooting Day: Day 2

So shooting day didn't really go according to plan. People started to arrive, but we were still writing scripts for a few sketches we will likely film along with "Die Trauigen Deutchen" and "The Upcoming Pilot". Nothing much got filmed that day. Basically, all we shot was an hour of trying to make things explode in a microwave in front of a camera. This sounds like more fun than it really was however.

Then the volunteer crew started dropping like flies and we postponed any further shooting until the next day.

This day went better. We filmed about 90% of the episode, and will finish it in the week following. During the filming, Sam had an idea that was too sick not to film, however, I will keep this a secret until the new episode is finished. It will be showing at Wis-Kino (at the Orpheum Stage Door Theater) this Friday, so if you want to see it before it airs on the website, look into it.

The two pictures we have here are the two crew members that we had for today's shoot. The first one is a friend from my college days, Taylor. The second is Cam, a latter member from the highschool days of RASH who we re-discovered and brought back to the flock.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Shooting Day

Today we shoot Ep 2 of DTD. It's hard to think that it was a full month ago that Ep 1 was shot, but there you go. Gotta clean like a mofo and setup the dining room. But we also have to shoot a few shots of the lake, a shot at a local theatre (later at night) and some stuff on the roof.

Then next week on Friday we show it, so we don't have the weekend at all. Goodness. Next month we're calling in all the troops. We have Ep3 and a new pilot to shoot, so people, get e-mailing us and we can make ze plans. 4 weekends from now we're gonna need help.

Monday, September 05, 2005

What's This Great Gatsby Crap?

So, looking over the new site design I see that RASH Films, my love child, likes the Great Gatsby. Well my child, I think you should know that I have a hell of a time not reading that book High School and would ask you to promply put it down! If you wish to read the musings of Robert Redford, I suggest Sneakers!

As for the site itself, it looks like my wardrobe. Black. Perfect.

As for "news":

We've begun discussions with Mercury Player's Theatre to record all their shows for them in order to archive their season. Of course we won't be recording those shows forbidding it. The shows written by locals (For instance - Wal-Martopia) will not only be recorded, but available for sale, as is Blitz.

Aporia's newest CD will be available soon. We'll be working with them to make a music video for "Footprints" The concept has been... uh, conceptualized... We hope to publicly show this video at October's Wis-Kino (along with Die Traurigen Deutschen Ep 3 and The Impersonator)

Oh yeah, Die Traurigen Deutschen Ep 2 will be filmed this weekend, edited the next week, and airing on this site and Wis-Kino on the 16th... 11 days away! goodness, better get working on that. We also plan on redoing the first minute and submitting to channel 102.

The Impersonator is our new pilot for Channel 101. Hopefully it will be rejected with more open arms than Die Traurigen Deutschen. We're holding off on that so we can put more time into it. We'll screen it at Wis-Kino in Oct, and hopefully submit it to 101 in November.

OK, must clean... no more excuses... (didn't I say that an hour ago in an E-mail??? Hmmmm)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

RASHfilms Inspires!

So we just got in this handy-dandy little song via MP3 file in the email:
Mr. USA - Die Trauigen Deutchen.mp3 (5.59 MB)
Long live Wisconsin Heights Hardcore Genre!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blitz on DVD!

Click HERE for more info on getting the Blitz Friday and Saturday night shows, or the Documentary on the Blitz event itself!

Hello New Site Design!

Josh here,

The website has been mucho-updated to make use of a Blog for a news/front page. This makes the site look nicer, and also makes it really easy for all of us here at RASH to do updates. Have fun. Comment on news items. Talk back to us! Most importantly, check out our videos and have fun!

But then I went further. I couldn't stop just at just that. So I pretty much made the entire site into an aggregation of interconnecting blogs. So now, pretty much any member of RASH can do site updates, as the process requires little HTML now. I just have to send out emails to the other memebers and soon they will also have access. But for now, just me and Sam.

Also, to note, we are going to try to move all the video files over to Windows Media format. Not my favorite codec, but it will have the widest distribution, so it will make life easier for those visitors that just want the video, and not have to deal with codecs. If you are a Linux guy, well damn, your smart enough to use and prefer Linux, I'm sure you can figure out how to get WMV to play on your box.That is all.