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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Site Update

Okay site update. We have gone back through and pillaged our backlog of old videos and added a bunch of classic RASH v1.0 sketches to the "Classic" section of the website. So check it out. Also, the "Archives" section of the site is now operational, containing an easy list of all the downloadable contact from the site.

Monday, July 25, 2005

What's Next?

Question: When I do stop letting this page get forever long and create an “archive news” section? Question: How does one do that without manually having to cut and paste everything. Or is there no way. Question: When will I get off my ass and get myself or someone else to NOT use friggin’ MS Word to make this site? The world may never know.

Well, with SETI behind us and Blitz just about behind me (still gotta get a hold of that Pete for a screening) time to focus on the future. So, I’m now getting some classic RASH ready for the site. It’ll be a “best of” type thing. I’ll tell you when it’s done, but just head into the Classic section which was the Origin section and each sketch we put online will be linked in the text. And a big list of all classic sketches will be available in the Archives section. Yeah. And maybe I’ll get off my ass (you know, actually I’m sitting down when I do this so I’d have to get on my ass to do all this… I digress) and do that Equipment section. Some shiny pics of our DVX and stuff… or more likely a listing with a link to the product specs.

There are a few updates to the Recent Work section about the making of SETI, so head on in there… I guess. What’s next you ask? The Channel 101 pilot (Channel 102 has no August screening and then only a Sept and Oct before January… but we’ll get them a copy anyway) and something for WisKino – This month’s challenge – Nature. Cirves gave us an idea that I think we’ll try to use. BTW, we got a pretty good reception at Wis-Kino… and if you didn’t like it then why’d you come to the site? To see whatever stuff we made is bad? I direct you to the Origin section. J

Ug… I used a smiley, and now I’m just rant typing, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blha blhal blahl blha lblah blah blah blha blah… you know that gets harder the faster and more often you type it… try. Granted, I could have gone back to correct it, but this is RASH where a second take is always forgotten.

Oh, and folks out there that have things they like to do George send us a script to send.us.your.script@RASHfilms.com or anything @RASHfilms.com. I’m not a very good righter as you can tell so putting me directly into shooting and editing is a good thing.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

SETI: Road to Wis-Kino

Here you go folks. In just 1.5 hours the folks at the Orpheum theatre will see SETI in all its glory… or non glory. Below is the directors cut of SETI.

SETI: Directors Cut

Thursday, July 21, 2005

SETI: Done

Only a few days till we show SETI at Wis-Kino. It’s almost done, but we need a few pickup shots. Maybe to shorten some scenes, but I think mostly to add a bit extra. Actually, that’s only for the extended addition. I have 27 seconds to cut from the short version. Every frame will count. I just did a little experiment (This file requires the MP4 video codec. Click HERE to download.) for an idea for a sketch I wanted to do about time travel. Take a look. Other than that, once SETI is out of the way (long & versions will be up here Sunday at about 6PM hopefully) and Blitz is totally done we’ll be ready to start working on our next project. Die taurig Deutscher. (BTW, that’s what the time travel idea is for.) So, that’s the update for now. Nothing big. BTW, Friggin Harry Potter rules (just finished the Half Blood Prince and thought it was ballsy for JK to not only have Ron and Harry fall in love but also spend an entire page describing it great detail Ron’s cherry getting popped.)

PS – Check out the new equipment page.

Monday, July 18, 2005

SETI: Post

Dear reader,
I’d meant to update Dear reader,
I’d meant to update this site yesterday morning, then last night, and I’m just getting to it now. Filming went well on Saturday, if not longer than expected. The end of each shoot had its trouble (we had three locations) At the end of shoot one (in Amanda’s apartment) we ended up with a lot of reflections of me on a mean picture above the couch and some nice boom pole showing. At the end of shoot two (in ACH) we had bad lighting – which was my fault – and in a few shots, the proprietor of AFH, Brian, was in shot. Bad me for not seeing that and mentioning it. Oh yeah, boom mikes galore. And, at the end of shot three (in the upstairs) we had extra feet in the shot, lots of scripts, and generally, just tired. It was 7 hours AFTER the start of the shoot and it was taking a toll. I now see how Hollywood takes 90 days to shoot a 90 minute picture.

However, what I thought was a 10 to 1 shooting ration turned into a 5 to 1 when I found we had a bonus 30 minutes of me forgetting to stop recording and when the original cut went to 9 minutes, not 7. I then found it easy to make a 5 minute version by cutting out all the best stuff. Oh yeah, didn’t tell you guys that Wis-Kino allows for a max of 5 minutes and I timed our to be 7. We decided to shoot it anyway and make a cut that was 5 minutes.

Then, the mighty Rob Matsushita came over for some critique. He gave us a few ideas to really boost the production value and comedic affects. Also, he help show us where more cuts were needed. That outside eye is always helpful. (He noticed the extra foot – many of the other issues I solved in post with zoom ins. Accept one shot where the AFC Brian is leaning on the counter fully in shot and not Josh, Amanda, or I had seen it the first time we watched it – correction, Josh saw it but thought I knew about it and didn’t point out what was obviously a mysterious third person in the film.

So, we’ve got some pick ups to shoot. My Mini Cooper will finally make it to the camera (previously a loaner Mini I had was in a steady cam test) Hopefully John will be able to make it to pick up (if Steena – sp? – is reading this, sorry for keeping him so long and having him smell of beer when he got home)

So this weeks plans:
Patch up and perfect SETI for show on Sunday
Finish Blitz (the viewing got postponed so I put it off to concentrate on SETI
Finish Wedding – it just needs some new music and I need to know how many to make
Write an episode of Die Taurig Deutscher for Channel 101

Oh yes, in a week Aporia goes to the studio – music video soon to follow I suppose. to the studio – music video soon to follow I suppose.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blitz VI: Working Test Run

So, the first test run of Blitz went OK. There were a few suggestions, but most of which are easy to do or I had planned on already. Currently the last tape of the performance is being fed into the Mac. I’ve got to go to work tomorrow instead of editing all day, but editing Blitz really takes it out of me. I did that wedding all in one day and both Johnny 5 and Cubed in one sitting. But there’s something about Blitz that takes more energy.

As for the new short, SETI, we’ve secured filming locations and a cast. The cast includes John (you’ll know him from Johnny 5 and Edger Allen Poe: The Musical) Brian B (not seen on the site yet, but he’s in the Origin outline) and Amanda (Not anywhere on this site, making her RASH debut)

I might even get a soft edit done by Sunday (when we plan on screening Blitz with Pete Rydberg, Artistic Director of Mercury Players Theater. But, this is going to air at Wis-Kino first, so be there!

And that is all, tired and needing sleep. Lot’s done today. Josh on the other hand… he has to write three songs for this WisKino project. One should be somewhat simple (title credits and end credits) Another is a parady of a James Horner score (that’s as much hint as I’m giving) and another really isn’t his genre… party music. Each piece will be under 30 seconds, but still, he’d wanted to do more today… but Sealab 2021 Season 3 came out on DVD… you know how it goes.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Blitz Completion… almost… plus a wedding… and more too

Ok, Ok… the update is a BIT late. Sorry. Been busy. I’ve failed on my original goal to have Blitz VI editing complete by July. But, fear not, I’ve assured all that it WILL be done by next weekend. I’ve got three days home with the youngest and plan on using all that time to get it done (note I did not say Git-R-Done, nor will I EVER say that.. aside from when I say I won’t say it.)

Also, a wedding was filmed and edited. Now we just need a bit of filler music and it will be ripped down and sold on the black market to anyone wanted to see someone else’s wedding. But likely we’ll just sell a few copies to the folks involved.

Blitz will be available to all from this site and from Mercury Players site. The first half of the Blitz DVD will be previewed this weekend. We’ll see how it goes… but, for those that can’t wait… here is the opening. (This file requires the MP4 video codec. Click HERE to download.)

Anyway, we’re also working on a full length script. It’s a story of vampire hunters. We’ve got our outline done and will work on the script directly. It’s a much bigger project than anything before and there will be quite a wait for that.

But, on shorter terms, we plan on entering a new short at Wis-Kino which is in 2 weeks from Sunday… the script will be done today and filmed next weekend and edited the week after that. It’s going to be less than five minutes and available on Monday the 25th. Oddly, it just so happens to be a Sci-Fi which is this month’s theme! It’s the story of a group of friends who find a message from outer space with SETI at home and attempt to decode it themselves.

Oh yeah, and we’re in the initial planning stages to do a video for Aporia. Lots and lots to do. Rash Films is now getting phone calls and credit card offers, just like a real person getting spammed! I feel so… American.