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Friday, November 11, 2005

Wis-Kino 48 Hour Challenge

Last night, at approximately 10pm, the secret theme of this year's Wis-Kino Kaberat was chosen: "An Impossible Dream" Thus the 48 hour clock began ticking down and we have been working nearly around the clock. Thursday night was spent pitching ideas, drinking, and writing a script. Today, we have spent shooting, and working on our effects abilities (we suddenly learned how to use blue screen with a fair amount of proficiancy, like with matrix brain upload style speeds). I just finished the title sequence, which involved alot of photoshop work. The film is called "Sleep Depravity" We have will wrap up filming in the coming few hours, then Sam will start working on a rough edit and we will hit the hay, or the vodka. In the morning, editing will be finalized, as well as effects and any pick up shooting. I will begin working on the score. It will be finished and shown tomorrow evening.


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