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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sleep Depravity: Special Features

Yes, we have loads of goodies from this one, as this film was part of an unprecedented challenge, we figured an unprecidented level of documentation and goodies was in order. We have for you a scene that was deleted because of time constraints, a blooper reel (complete with near goregasm), photos taken during the entire bloody process, and for the three of you that wanted it, you can take a looky-looky at the Milk/Wool Insulin Kit brochures. The best part of the screening on saturday was hearing a handfull of people (presumably the visitors from French-Canada) laughing when the brochure was on camera and readable. Below is pretty much just a cut and paste from what you will see for the "Sleep Depravity" entry in the "Recent Work" section. Enjoy.

Out-Take Reel (video coming back soon)
Deleted Scene (video coming back soon)
Photos Taken During the Filming (coming back soon)
Milk/Wool Insulin Pump Brochure (French / Gibberish) (coming back soon)


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