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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Changing Dates, Prunes, and other dried fruits

OK, so we keep getting things pushed back and it's all my fault. Really. Too much Tony Hawk's American Wasteland... damn you Actionvision.

After viewing this months Wis-Kino the bar was raised quite a lot. We don't want to rush out Die Traurigen Deutschen (which has been thus so far cursed) and have crap. We'd rather rush out something we don't care as much about. That's a joke.

Either way, with the dates of the future shows getting pushed forward (Nov 10th, Dec 9th) We've decided to give Die Traurigen Deutschen 3 the time it deserves and show it Dec 9th. This pushes back the forth episode to Jan 27th. Three months... good. The first script runs about 8 pages, but we're adding more each day and expect the final episode to run 10 minutes total. Also, we're looking at incorperating some green screen and need the time to learn that stuff. Maybe if we keep pushing, someday we'll make non-crap!

Regardless, we have at least two things for Nov 10th. The trailer and Spook House, so if you're looking for GOOD versions, meet us there. Then nearly the entire original RASH gang will asamble at RASH Films HQ for an all night writing session for Kabaret. We'll miss Borman, but we'll have a fresh face (still from Heights though...) Jess.

Maybe Cam too... hey... we should ask that mo'fo what's up for that weekend... yeah. Digression.
Come see our 48 hour film on the 12th. Check out Wis-Kino's site for all the details. It'll be old school RASH. Sam, Josh, John & Frank; 1 camera; 48 hours; no decernable script.

And, like the first and only episode of the 96-97 season, no Borman. Then he was in a drug induced coma (wisdom teeth go bye-bye) not because he's in Massicutesetstess... can't spell the state... must be all that gay marriage ruining the nation or something.


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