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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Can I open my eyes now?

Done and done. Coming soon, a deleted scene and some out takes.

While editing yesterday morning I suddenly realized I'd forgotten to edit in a scene. If you've seen the film you'll understand how that could happen. But it ran a bit long anyway and it was after the "Dark City" scene so I like it better the way it is. But we'll get it online anyway. John made a great Ninja.

And class, what did we learn today?
NEVER EVER combine blue screen and smoke. EVER. (well, maybe later when we don't suck at it so much).

And yes... I've made the most David Lynchesque thing I hope to ever make... but I've also filmed a dream the way dreams play out sometimes which is something I've wanted to do but never wanted to since it makes for the type of film I don't like. The DICHOTOMY OF IT ALL!

And FYI, the part about the milk/wool/French instruction was an actual dream of mine that inspired not only this piece but the theme (I told Yonda the dream at the Great Dane on Monday and he said... yes... dreams... a good possible Kabaret theme... and wrote it down on his list next to end of the world and the like.

BUT, in my dream I think I was suppose to knit something, not make insulin kits.

Next up, DTD3 and a film about phones


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