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Monday, July 25, 2005

What's Next?

Question: When I do stop letting this page get forever long and create an “archive news” section? Question: How does one do that without manually having to cut and paste everything. Or is there no way. Question: When will I get off my ass and get myself or someone else to NOT use friggin’ MS Word to make this site? The world may never know.

Well, with SETI behind us and Blitz just about behind me (still gotta get a hold of that Pete for a screening) time to focus on the future. So, I’m now getting some classic RASH ready for the site. It’ll be a “best of” type thing. I’ll tell you when it’s done, but just head into the Classic section which was the Origin section and each sketch we put online will be linked in the text. And a big list of all classic sketches will be available in the Archives section. Yeah. And maybe I’ll get off my ass (you know, actually I’m sitting down when I do this so I’d have to get on my ass to do all this… I digress) and do that Equipment section. Some shiny pics of our DVX and stuff… or more likely a listing with a link to the product specs.

There are a few updates to the Recent Work section about the making of SETI, so head on in there… I guess. What’s next you ask? The Channel 101 pilot (Channel 102 has no August screening and then only a Sept and Oct before January… but we’ll get them a copy anyway) and something for WisKino – This month’s challenge – Nature. Cirves gave us an idea that I think we’ll try to use. BTW, we got a pretty good reception at Wis-Kino… and if you didn’t like it then why’d you come to the site? To see whatever stuff we made is bad? I direct you to the Origin section. J

Ug… I used a smiley, and now I’m just rant typing, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blha blhal blahl blha lblah blah blah blha blah… you know that gets harder the faster and more often you type it… try. Granted, I could have gone back to correct it, but this is RASH where a second take is always forgotten.

Oh, and folks out there that have things they like to do George send us a script to send.us.your.script@RASHfilms.com or anything @RASHfilms.com. I’m not a very good righter as you can tell so putting me directly into shooting and editing is a good thing.


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