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Monday, July 18, 2005

SETI: Post

Dear reader,
I’d meant to update Dear reader,
I’d meant to update this site yesterday morning, then last night, and I’m just getting to it now. Filming went well on Saturday, if not longer than expected. The end of each shoot had its trouble (we had three locations) At the end of shoot one (in Amanda’s apartment) we ended up with a lot of reflections of me on a mean picture above the couch and some nice boom pole showing. At the end of shoot two (in ACH) we had bad lighting – which was my fault – and in a few shots, the proprietor of AFH, Brian, was in shot. Bad me for not seeing that and mentioning it. Oh yeah, boom mikes galore. And, at the end of shot three (in the upstairs) we had extra feet in the shot, lots of scripts, and generally, just tired. It was 7 hours AFTER the start of the shoot and it was taking a toll. I now see how Hollywood takes 90 days to shoot a 90 minute picture.

However, what I thought was a 10 to 1 shooting ration turned into a 5 to 1 when I found we had a bonus 30 minutes of me forgetting to stop recording and when the original cut went to 9 minutes, not 7. I then found it easy to make a 5 minute version by cutting out all the best stuff. Oh yeah, didn’t tell you guys that Wis-Kino allows for a max of 5 minutes and I timed our to be 7. We decided to shoot it anyway and make a cut that was 5 minutes.

Then, the mighty Rob Matsushita came over for some critique. He gave us a few ideas to really boost the production value and comedic affects. Also, he help show us where more cuts were needed. That outside eye is always helpful. (He noticed the extra foot – many of the other issues I solved in post with zoom ins. Accept one shot where the AFC Brian is leaning on the counter fully in shot and not Josh, Amanda, or I had seen it the first time we watched it – correction, Josh saw it but thought I knew about it and didn’t point out what was obviously a mysterious third person in the film.

So, we’ve got some pick ups to shoot. My Mini Cooper will finally make it to the camera (previously a loaner Mini I had was in a steady cam test) Hopefully John will be able to make it to pick up (if Steena – sp? – is reading this, sorry for keeping him so long and having him smell of beer when he got home)

So this weeks plans:
Patch up and perfect SETI for show on Sunday
Finish Blitz (the viewing got postponed so I put it off to concentrate on SETI
Finish Wedding – it just needs some new music and I need to know how many to make
Write an episode of Die Taurig Deutscher for Channel 101

Oh yes, in a week Aporia goes to the studio – music video soon to follow I suppose. to the studio – music video soon to follow I suppose.


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