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Thursday, July 21, 2005

SETI: Done

Only a few days till we show SETI at Wis-Kino. It’s almost done, but we need a few pickup shots. Maybe to shorten some scenes, but I think mostly to add a bit extra. Actually, that’s only for the extended addition. I have 27 seconds to cut from the short version. Every frame will count. I just did a little experiment (This file requires the MP4 video codec. Click HERE to download.) for an idea for a sketch I wanted to do about time travel. Take a look. Other than that, once SETI is out of the way (long & versions will be up here Sunday at about 6PM hopefully) and Blitz is totally done we’ll be ready to start working on our next project. Die taurig Deutscher. (BTW, that’s what the time travel idea is for.) So, that’s the update for now. Nothing big. BTW, Friggin Harry Potter rules (just finished the Half Blood Prince and thought it was ballsy for JK to not only have Ron and Harry fall in love but also spend an entire page describing it great detail Ron’s cherry getting popped.)

PS – Check out the new equipment page.


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