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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Blitz VI: Working Test Run

So, the first test run of Blitz went OK. There were a few suggestions, but most of which are easy to do or I had planned on already. Currently the last tape of the performance is being fed into the Mac. I’ve got to go to work tomorrow instead of editing all day, but editing Blitz really takes it out of me. I did that wedding all in one day and both Johnny 5 and Cubed in one sitting. But there’s something about Blitz that takes more energy.

As for the new short, SETI, we’ve secured filming locations and a cast. The cast includes John (you’ll know him from Johnny 5 and Edger Allen Poe: The Musical) Brian B (not seen on the site yet, but he’s in the Origin outline) and Amanda (Not anywhere on this site, making her RASH debut)

I might even get a soft edit done by Sunday (when we plan on screening Blitz with Pete Rydberg, Artistic Director of Mercury Players Theater. But, this is going to air at Wis-Kino first, so be there!

And that is all, tired and needing sleep. Lot’s done today. Josh on the other hand… he has to write three songs for this WisKino project. One should be somewhat simple (title credits and end credits) Another is a parady of a James Horner score (that’s as much hint as I’m giving) and another really isn’t his genre… party music. Each piece will be under 30 seconds, but still, he’d wanted to do more today… but Sealab 2021 Season 3 came out on DVD… you know how it goes.


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